Men's Shola 230 Zip

The original yak wool base layer, and still our best seller - if you have to choose, then this should be your first kora. Made with our unique Hima-Layer™ Original 230, a 100% pure yak wool fabric, the Shola 230 Zip will keep you comfortable all day, from mild spring to deepest...
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Shale Black

The yak wool’s warmth and ability to endure day-after-day wear with fluctuating temperatures makes it a must. It also remains a fabric that is my base layer on most days just ‘living’ here in Shangri-La.

Jeff Fuchs


Our unique yak wool fabrics development programme

The Hima-Layer Difference


Yaks live comfortably at 16,000 feet in the freezing-cold Himalayas—kept warm by their natural coat of wool. The secret to yak wool’s incredible warmth-for-weight is that the fibre is hollow, trapping more air next to the body. This is why Kora’s Hima-Layer Original 230 fabric is warmer, weight-for-weight, than traditional merino fabrics - up to 40% warmer. Move aside, Sheep.


Yak wool is softer than soft—making it the ideal baselayer and midlayer material. Aside from our unique performance fabrics, yak wool more frequently used as an alternative to cashmere. Whether you’re embarking on a long, challenging day in the mountains, cruising the streets, or lounging at home, Kora’s Hima-Layer fabrics offer supreme comfort.


Thanks to yak wool’s hollow shape, and the inherent strength of the fibre, we are able to knit fabrics looser while maintaining the fabric’s durability. Air and water vapour escapes more easily between the knits, allowing the body to breathe more efficiently.

Product Description
Product Design

Keeping your pack light

The best performance of any garment

Our go-to baselayer if the weather is chilly

Luxurious feel and is very soft

November 2018: "yak wool is warmer and more breathable than Merino, and is also lighter and softer—and so far I think they're right”

"Exceptional. Cut to an athletic fit, this 100 percent yak wool layer is warm, quick drying, and comfortable.” 

“These garments are incredibly warm and will serve as an excellent base layer in even the most extreme environments.”

AWARDED 5 STARS. “The author, who is very sensitive to lamb’s wool, was pleasantly surprised when the zip was put on. Immediately it became evident that not only is yak wool not itchy, it has a luxurious feel.” 

“It feels very soft and comfortable next to the skin, wicks moisture fast and dries fairly quickly...The top doesn’t smell after continuous wear – I slept in it on the overnight trips, so it was worn for 30-plus hours non-stop..."

GROUGH AWARDED 'BEST IN TEST'. "Warm enough to be worn on its own on a cool day and makes a good layering base when up in the mountains in poor conditions.”

"Achieves everything promised by the manufacturer and then some....if you're a fan of merino, or sad enough to be still clad in polyester, you might be happy to join the vanguard of odourless winter toastiness with a covering of yak wool; it just gets better and better."

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