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Key advantages of the collection


The breathability we have achieved in our Yak Wool fabrics is truly outstanding. Kora’s Hima-Layer Original 230 fabric is 66% more breathable than traditional merino materials, so when you’re exerting energy—battling Mother Nature’s ups and downs—you can expect top-notch temperature regulation and performance.


If a Yak can live comfortably at 16,000 feet in the freezing-cold Himalayas—kept warm by its natural coat of wool—you can trust kora apparel to excel through your most ambitious adventures. Kora’s Hima-Layer Original 230 fabric is warmer, weight-for- weight, than traditional merino fabrics. Move aside, Sheep.

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Kora development athlete Chantelle Robitaille tested out kora’s ShoLa top and leggings on a five-hour ski tour from Chamonix­ Les Praz to Le Buet.