A fly/fish expedition by Kora athlete and adventurer

A fly/fish expedition by Kora athlete and adventurer

I chose to wear the Shola SS Polo on this trip because the Polo, like all kora pieces, is made with Yak Wool. When I am flying from riverbeds off the PO where one can fish and camp in temperatures of 26°C, I need something that does not make me sweat too much and which gives me day-long comfort while casting for big fish. Then just before evening I hop in the plane and fly up the Alps to 2400 MüM. The temperature drops to 2-3°C on the hike to the night's campsite. Here I need a fabric that gives me warmth and a first layer wicking solution that I can layer over. As you fly you don't have any extra room for additional weight. So one shirt has to do it all.


The fact that the Polo has a collar makes it great because in planes you always have an air current coming in. So together with protecting my neck from the seat-belts rubbing against my bare skin as with a simple crew T-shirt. A polo has many advantages. A crew can only be used half the time compared to the Polo, and a turtle neck would be better for the second part of the trip, but too hot for the first part. And don't forget that we are talking about Italy here! You want to be dressed for the occasional great dinner in "La Pilota", the best flying restaurant in Italy.