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How we started

10 years ago we stumbled upon one of Earth’s finest natural materials, Yak Wool. We were astonished to find that its miracle properties were ideal for outdoor adventures. Driven by a desire to protect the people and the mountains we love, we now develop technical and timeless activewear fit for every adventure.


"... regulated my temperature on cold days, and it’s stretchy enough to be comfortable for all-day wear or even sleeping. After I first got my pair, I don’t think I changed out of them for three days"

"This yak-wool base layer has a warmth-to-weight ratio that’s better than anything else we’ve tested. It’s exceedingly soft and comfortable, too, making it the first piece we grab when we’re layering for cool-weather rides.”

"Exceptional. Cut to an athletic fit, this 100 percent yak wool layer is warm, quick drying, and comfortable.”

"yak wool is warmer and more breathable than Merino, and is also lighter and softer—and so far I think they're right”

"We loved the Shola 230 Leggings and Azog Jersey, which offer warmth, breathability, and moisture-wicking, odor-resistant, itch-free insulation for all our cold-weather outdoor shenanigans."

"It’s a wonderfully warm base layer in extreme cold, yet exceptionally breathable with efficient moisture-wicking."

The 21 Best Base Layers of Winter 2019

"Kora have built an impressive line of yak and merino wool clothing that take high performance cold weather gear to the next level."

Planet Earth's Finest Natural Performance Wool

Yaks live in extreme conditions—higher than any other animal. They have evolved to thrive in these conditions, and in doing so they have developed  a fine wool ideal for the Outdoors.


The breathability we have achieved in our Yak Wool fabrics is truly outstanding. Kora’s Hima-Layer Original 230 fabric is 66% more breathable than traditional merino materials, so when you’re exerting energy—battling Mother Nature’s ups and downs—you can expect top-notch temperature regulation and performance.


If a Yak can live comfortably at 16,000 feet in the freezing-cold Himalayas—kept warm by its natural coat of wool—you can trust kora apparel to excel through your most ambitious adventures. Kora’s Hima-Layer Original 230 fabric is warmer, weight-for- weight, than traditional merino fabrics. Move aside, Sheep.


Yak Wool is softer than soft—making it the ideal baselayer and midlayer material. Whether you’re embarking on a long, challenging day in the mountains, cruising the streets, or lounging at home, Kora’s Hima-Layer Original 230 fabric guarantee supreme comfort.

odour resistance

The outdoor industry is constantly struggling to create products that won’t smell after extensive use. Yak Wool, meanwhile, is naturally anti-bacterial; its surface boasts a microscopic roughness that blocks microbes—preventing bacteria build-up that occurs on traditional materials.

Responsibly Sourced in the Himalayas

In the Himalayas, Yak Wool trade can make an important difference in nomadic herders’ lives.  We’re proud to support their hard work by purchasing their materials in bulk, at market price. We make regular visits and have built strong ties directly with the people that supply the wool we use to make our clothing.

When you buy our products, you’re providing vital support to a mountain culture that is unlike anything else on Earth.

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Our name

Kora ( སྐོར་ར) is the Tibetan word for “circumambulation” or “revolution”. A kora is both a pilgrimage and a meditative practice in Tibetan Buddhism, and is performed by circumambulating a sacred site - often a mountain.

30-DAY TRIAL Guarantee

We’re confident that once you try Yak Wool, you’ll never go back. But if for any reason you’re unhappy with your purchase, return it within 30 days for a full refund - no questions asked.

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